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Superior Shine with NO BUFFING

One Step Metal Treatment


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The World's only One Step Metal

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Superior Shine With No Buffing

Star clean is a powerful cleaner/protector that leaves a high gloss finish without buffing. It is used on all metals; stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, chrome, gold, silver, but not silver plated objects. Star Clean is very effective on enamel, ceramics, and fiberglass. It treats stainless steel kitchen surfaces, chrome wheels, and marine stainless in a fraction of the time.

The Stars

Less Work Time More Play Time.
Star Clean is the Answer!

Starclean allows you to enjoy your toys instead of constantly maintaining them. Apply Rinse, Dry, and Done; leaving a brilliant shine and protective coating. With No Buffing! Long lasting shine With No Time Wasted. Non-Abrasive, Non-Hazardous, and Non-Toxic. Star Clean is safe on any material!


About Us

Our firm was established to provide efficient, expert product solutions to businesses and individuals. We are here to help make your life easier and have more fun instead of having to clean your car, motorcycle, or even boat. We are a fairly new company that is very excited to get our product, Star Clean, out on the market. 

We are the North American and Caribbean distributors of Star Clean and will ship happily to anywhere in the world. We work with everyone from motorcycles to cars to boats and even housewives. Star Clean is our number one product and we just love it. I hope you enjoy our fantastic product and have a great day.

Star Clean Conquers Sturgis Rally

Star Clean conquers Sturgis Bike Rally 2007. Star Clean has accomplished so much within the two weeks there. We have met so many great people, who love our product, and are excited about getting our product out into the Biking World

How to Use Star Clean?

Apply Star Clean with a wet sponge. Wash the item and then dry it with a rag. Done! Star Clean is a powerful cleaner/protector and leaves a high gloss finish without buffing! Use on all metals; stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, chrome, gold, silver (not silver plated). Also very effective on enamel, ceramics and fiberglass. Use in your home, car, boat and RV. Treat stainless steel kitchen surfaces, chrome wheels and boat railings in a fraction of the time you used to spend. Easy, quick and long lasting.


Star Clean Highligts


Where to Use?

Use in your home, car, boat and RV


Easy to use

Apply Rinse, Dry, and Done

Main Specs

Non-Abrasive, Non-Hazardous, and Non-Toxic. Star Clean is safe on any material


Brilliant shine and protective coating


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